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Musical Projects / Festivals

- Neko Light Orchestra since 2023

- Toulouse Game Show 2023

- Rock my Geek 2023

- Compagnie Zeste, Cavalleria Rusticana

- Auvillar Musique

- Musique en sphères 2023

- Candela / Flamenco-classical musical creation by the Compagnie Gilbert Clamens

- BarokkiKuopio Festival XV / Baroque Music Festival of Kuopio 2019

- Guest performer with Quatuor L’Esquisse 2016 and 2017

- Pento-Tanique / Jazz Atypique

- Metamorphose Toulouse / Musical creation around Japanese contemporary music

- Musical arrangements for the JPO ISDAT 2016 and 2017 editions

- La Nuit des Cours / Musée des Augustins 2017

- Des Mots et des Notes / Musée des Augistins 2017

- Bypass Forum 2016

- Playing newly composed pieces for the CRR Toulouse Composition Class

- Orchestre Mozart Toulouse

- Le Village MAI Poumons

- Orchestre Française des Flutes 2011/2012

- Charity concerts planned together with the CRR of Rueil-Malmaison

- Mini-Concerts at several retirement houses in Paris and Toulouse region


Candela - Compagnie Gilbert Clamens

Guitares : Gilbert Clamens, Aurélien Clamens

Guitare Flamenca: Kiko Ruiz

Violoncelle : Wilfredo Jose Perez Alvarez

Violon : Sabrina Mauchet

Flûte : Fernando Uehara

Percussion : Juan Manuel Cortes

Voix : Frederika Alesina

Danse Flamenco: Marta Balparda

Lumière et son: Fabien Viviani, Nicolas Brouillard

KIWI PRODUCTIONS - Virginie Baiet-Dartigalongue

Gilbert Clamens has always been inspired by Spain. With more than 30 years of experience as an international concertist, guitarist, composer and teacher, he offers us his latest creation "Candela". By revisiting legendary works by Manuel De Falla and Maurice Ravel, this world music enthusiast marvelously combines two worlds that have long rubbed shoulders in Spain without ever meeting. Carried by high-level artists, all driven by the same passion and the same generosity, this show blends genres. Classically trained musicians and flamenco musicians blend in together to perform and create in great synchronization. A link between these masterpieces, Marta Balparda's dance, both fiery and delicate, weaves a dramaturgical framework.


Toulouse Wind Orchestra - TWO

Created in 2015, the Toulouse Wind Orchestra is a wind band already recognized in the musical landscape of Toulouse, in France and internationally. Ranked third at the Kerkrade World Music Competition in Holland in 2017 with a first prize in the concert division, the orchestra has given since its creation a dozen high-level concerts, accompanied by talented soloists, and offered to a conquered audience of varied programs adapted to a heterogeneous audience.

The TWO offers a different perspective on the wind orchestra, also called in France “harmony orchestra”, trying to draw this type of ensemble towards excellence, both by the quality of concerts and visual (posters, illustrations), recordings or videos. Composed mainly of musicians from the Conservatoire de Toulouse, the orchestra has in its ranks only professional musicians, or in the process of professionalization, who participate voluntarily in the project.

In addition to the desire to discover original pieces of the repertoire, some played little because of their difficulty or heavy instrumentation, others rarely highlighting solo instruments such as horn, trombone, bassoon or oboe, the TWO adds also to his programs arrangements of symphonic works, such as West Side Story, the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, or Rhapsody in blue. The videos of these pieces have also met with great success on the web, and have been seen around the world. Finally, and with the aim of continuing the development of wind ensembles, the TWO is also turning to creation, with the recent commission of two new works to young French composers, Gabriel Philippot and Maxime Aulio. 


Jazz Atypique 

Piano: Sylvain Rey

Base: Louis Nicolas Gubert

Drums: Jérôme Renaud

Bassoon: Thaïs Bordes

Horn: Benjamin Imbaud

Clarinet: Eric Pigeon

Violin: Aurélie Fauthous

Flute: Fernando Uehara

Vibraphone: Samuel Della Giustina

Danse: Marie Goy et Margot Pastor

Compositions: Eric Pigeon

Arrangements: Eric Pigeon and Samuel Della Giustina

Works written originally for a Big Band ensemble by Eric Pigeon for the Blackstone Orchestra, are now being re arranged for a very unusual and unexpected ensemble composed of a bassoon, horn, clarinet, flute, violin and a vibraphone which they join a typical Jazz Trio formation. Joining this atypical jazz band/chamber music group are a duo of dancers to explore new sounds and push the boundaries of music/dance.



Métamorphose / Masques

Contemporary Music-Dance inspired by Japanese composers

Music: Cyril Galy et Fernando Uehara

Dance: Jade Pelaprat et Lisa Biscaro

This project is an unique perspective about bringing together two worlds in one. Performing pieces of famous composers such as Toru Takemitsu, Ryo Noda and Kazuo Fukushima, the whole spectacle does not have the typical format of a “classical” concert. Between the pieces a series of improvised transitions are made to make the whole performance in one unique and coherent concert. To achieve this, musicians and dancers are not only performing but also interacting between each other creating and “composing” a whole new piece in the moment to create transitions by improvising, being influenced by the sound and movement and giving a glimpse of what’s to come.

Bringing two similar woodwinds instruments but with different qualities, the whole spectacle uses the space for a creative purpose. The saxophone and flute have always been quite close, not by the way the produce the sound, but their similarities in extended techniques and classical techniques made this pair an excellent choice for this musical creation.

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